Product Design Internship

I have been working as a product design intern for Prophia, an AI-driven commercial real estate data management platform, since May 2023. I initiated 15+ UX design enhancements across the platform to create seamless user experience, and the designs are delivered in a timely manner and make quality of life impacts on both external and internal users. My responsibilities extend beyond design execution, where I lead user testing, coordinate engineering kick-offs, and actively attend client meetings.

Product Design Intern

Product & Engineering

6 months (ongoing)


Project Overview

During my internship, I worked on 15+ UI/UX projects to enhance data management experience and human AI interaction. Some of the projects focus on improving the design of the current system to optimize user experience. Others involve designing new features and making revolutionary changes on the platform. Please click the below button to check out an AI assistant which it is my first sole project taking a design lead at Prophia.  
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Key Takeaways

01. Be a forward thinker

Keeping a forward thinking mindset broadens my horizon in how to approach and strategize a new design. Prophia is a fast-growing and constantly evolving platform where I have been trained to think about and plan for the future while designing the product. I always question myself: how can my design champions new opportunities in the future to enhance user experience with the least design changes and labor cost?

02. Design within constraints

In an agile development environment, I learned how to ship the best-quality designs in a limited amount of time. I try to come up with an MVP to meet all design requirements first and then attempt to make design best practices alongside. By doing so, I am able to find a well-rounded design to solve complex business problems while advocating for users in a timely manner.

03. Breakthrough an unknown world

Prophia is a niche product targeted at the commercial real estate industry, and there are no other products like Prophia on the market. However, it presents a challenge to me as a designer where I am breaking into an unknown ground without historical references or visible competitors. I am learning how to ship creative yet practical design solutions for the platform.