Professional Experience for Prophia, Data-Driven Enterprise-level SaaS Web⚒️

AI Lease Reviewer

Empowering commercial real estate spaces with AI and MLs to manage lease data and increase tagging accuracy

Launched and in production Fall 2023
SaaS | Enterprise Design | UX/UI | B2B | NDA

Tenant Status Manager

Scheduling tenant statuses in advance to maintain data accuracy and keep portfolios up to date

Launched and in production Spring 2024
SaaS | PropTech| UX/UI | Content Design | NDA

Permission Manager

Redesigning permission management experience to enable administrators easily managing accounts and assets

Launched and in production Spring 2024
SaaS | Enterprise Design | UX/UI | B2B | NDA

Case Study 📚

Roadie Seller

Envisioning a new way for small business owners selling and shipping their products via Roadie delivery service

Product Design | B2B2C | Web Design

Laptop Lender

Giving a second life to unwanted laptops with a goal of minimizing e-waste on campus

UX Design | Mobile Experience | Interaction Design

Work Buddy

Exploring an innovative digital solution to help workers maintain long-term postural health

UX Research | Product Design | Desktop App